Harbour Lake Baptist Church
January  02,2018

Dear Sweet People,


    This month of January is soul-winning commitment month in our church and in our denomination. The month will consummate with a soul-winning commitment Sunday the 7th. Our prayer is that during this month you will commit yourself to winning precious souls to the Savior for the rest of your life. The greatest joy that you as christian should ever know is to see men and women saved and their lives changed because of your witness. Beloved, if we take time to look around us at the turmoil this earth and it’s people are in and then just read God’s word, we can clearly see that we are living in those last days just before Jesus return. Some of you have lost ones, relatives and friends who will be left behind if Jesus were to come today; and He may. But it may be that because of your sharing and caring those souls will be saved from a devils hell, all because you loved them enough to tell them about Jesus. How about it?!


     Do you really love your friends, neighbors, and relatives?!? Then do for them the greatest thing you could ever do; SHARE JESUS! 


Until All The Nets Are Full,


Pastor Jimmy Fuller